Soil preparation is a very important first step to a successful seasonal color planting.  Your bed should have a minimum of 6-8 inches of loose, well composted soil sitting above ground level.  It is important to build soil up at least 6-8 inches above the ground surrounding the bed so that water can drain properly.  Beds that sit at ground level will likely develop root rot and fungal issues.

We recommend using a mix of planting soil and mushroom compost in your beds.  Although both will provide the right amount of nutrients, a 2 to 1 ratio of planting soil to mushroom compost is an easy target.

It’s also crucial to incorporate fertilizer into your soil.  We offer Color Star granular fertilizer in 2 lb. jars, 4 lb. jars, and 15lb bags which can be added to beds before planting. Color Star brand fertilizer contains 5 different nitrogen sources which release at various times throughout the season.  Newly planted beds should be top-dressed with fertilizer after planting and again about 3 months after planting.

After planting, a layer of mulch should be spread across the top of the soil in the flower bed to both make the bed look neat and tidy and to help suppress the growth of weeds.  The most common mulching material for flower beds is mini pine bark nuggets, although shredded hardwood mulch is also an option.  Mini pine bark nuggets are preferred because they are easier to spread, contain no dyes, and tend to wash away less than shredded mulch.

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